Women’s health

  • Thin and brittle bones are strongly linked to women's heart disease risk, with thinning of the lower (lumbar) spine, top of the thigh bone (femoral neck), and hip especially predictive of a heightened heart attack and stroke risk.
  • Current guidelines for managing osteoporosis specifically call out hip or spine fractures for increasing the risk for subsequent bone breaks. But a new study suggests that fractures in the arm, wrist, leg and other parts of the body should also set off alarm bells. A fracture, no matter the location, indicates a general tendency to […]
  • Using data from the 2010-2018 National Health Interview Surveys, researchers found that just 16% of men who were 18 to 21 years old had received at least one dose of the HPV vaccine at any age. In comparison, 42% of women in the same age bracket had gotten at least one shot of the vaccine.
  • Exposure to certain endocrine-disrupting chemicals could elevate the risk of breast cancer, according to a new comprehensive systematic review of epidemiological research. However, for many chemicals, evidence is inconsistent or still limited.
  • Previous research has shown a link between the duration of a woman's reproductive life span and her overall metabolic health. By analyzing data from successive surveys spanning the 1959-1962 National Health Examination Survey I through the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey for 2017-2018, researchers investigated factors that may be driving that link for U.S. […]