Health & medicine

  • The next generation of soft robotics, smart clothing and biocompatible medical devices are going to need integrated soft sensors that can stretch and twist with the device or wearer. The challenge: most of the components used in traditional sensing are rigid. Now, researchers have developed a soft, self-powered thermometer that can be integrated into stretchable […]
  • Scientists have identified natural nano-bubbles containing the ACE2 protein (evACE2) in the blood of COVID-19 patients and discovered these nano-sized particles can block infection from broad strains of SARS-CoV-2 virus. The protein acts as a decoy in the body and can serve as a therapeutic to be developed for prevention and treatment for current and […]
  • Researchers have announced the first peer-reviewed research outlining the successful transplant of genetically modified, clinical-grade pig kidneys into a brain-dead human individual, replacing the recipient's native kidneys. These positive results demonstrate how xenotransplantation could address the worldwide organ shortage crisis.
  • Animal farming has traditionally fulfilled human nutritional requirements for protein, but insects may serve as an alternative for direct human consumption in the future. Researchers are working to lay a foundation to develop efficient protein isolation techniques by determining the nutritional and functional properties of protein for cricket, locust and silk worm pupae powders.
  • Researchers report the creation of an artificial molecule with superpowers. It has the potential to revolutionize nanotechnology — and it also explains one of Nature's intriguing enigmas; why do we have a right hand and a left hand? The researchers describe their supermolecule as a marriage between DNA and peptides.